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Simple yet Dazzling!

Simplicity is the best policy! I know I tweaked the phrase here but this seemed apt to describe this latest offering from NetEnt. The reason for this is the slot game is as simple and uncomplicated as it can get. However, the basic graphic does not compromise the good quality and fun of the game. This game is old school and it shows that bling is not necessary for games to be fun. Moreover, it serves the basic purpose of winning in slots.

The reels in the game are plain and have a fruity and a little blurry backdrop. The ‘Stickers’ in the title seem to be the symbols on the reels. The beauty of the game is that it has been designed to attract newcomers as well as experienced players who just want to spin reels and abhor flashy distractions.

This is an answer to the prayers of all those casino game players who want a straightforward, easy to play yet exciting and rewarding game. The idea here it seems is to revive one of the most common slot symbol ‘fruits’, and present them in an enterprising way. The uniqueness of this game is that it does not rely on popular superheroes or Hollywood blockbusters to entice players.

Stickers slot wilds

Bonus Features

The four high values in this game are; an orange, a plum, a kiwi, and a strawberry, which is not something seen commonly, still appeals to the eyes. Wild here is a ‘heart’ symbol in red with a golden background which also takes you to all Stickers bonus features. It does not have the scatter icon.

Every time a wild symbol appears on the reel it freezes and gets you a Stickers free spin. If you happen to get more than one wild symbols on the next spin they will remain in their place granting you another Stickers free spin. It is very clear that more the wilds that stick to their place, greater will be the rewards.

This game is a 5 reel 3 row 20 payline slots where you do not get a chance to win a progressive jackpot but with the bet sizes and less volatility you can win some great prizes compared to the amounts that you have bet. This meets the demand of both kinds of players who bet small and risk less as well as those who bet high and win high. This game might not have many Stickers bonus features but this is done primarily keeping in mind the idea that you win much in prizes as possible.

Stickers slot mega win

Closing thoughts

This game is a winner which should gain a lot of popularity and it’s the kind of game which you can sit back and watch it spin by simply clicking on auto play, relax and enjoy the spinning reels.

For all its simplicity it still has a decent return rate of 96.69%. This is an ideal game for people with a smaller to medium bankroll coupled with those who simply want to have fun and kill some spare time.