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A Uniquely Simple and Entertaining Slot Game

Pyrons is nothing like your regular slot machines, and seriously, it has nothing in common with the rest. You must be wondering, this cannot be possible because every slot game has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol that gives free spins. Well, you are wrong this time! Pyrons does not have any wild feature or Pyrons free spins feature. But what it does have is interesting twists and turns.

If you can do without wild symbols and free spins, you can survive this amazing slot machine from the house of Yggdrasil. This might be a one-screen play with no Pyrons bonus rounds, but it still has the potential to give you big wins. With over 2,500 times of the bet to be won, this game is not at all a bad deal. This much for a 20 paylines game is not bad at all!

The graphics of the game are simply amazing. The fruits are shown in a glass bowl with some watery effects. The symbols might be the same fruity ones of the regular slot games, but each one is shown in a glass bubble. Inside the glass bubbles, the fruit is submerged in coloured water which splashes inside the bubble whenever symbols move.

And guess what? That is also accompanied with sound effects! You can hear the liquid splashing, the glass clinking, and the reels spinning – all at once! The sound effects are cool too. From explosions on winning combinations to dropping of symbols, there is no beat this game misses. The game is colourful overall, with flashes and happy colors all over.

Pyrons slot machine

Bonus Features

As mentioned above, there are no wilds in the Pyrons bonus feature, there is much more to it. When you get a winning combination, the symbols involved explode immediately. This feature is called the Cascading system. The symbols that exploded disappear and are replaced by new symbols, which might already be in a winning combination.

The saga of winning continues until you land on a non-winning combination. There is still more to it. With every cascading win, you get a multiplier. The multiplier starts from zero and goes up slow from 2x, 3x, 5x to 20x. And once you reach the 20x multiplier, it sticks to that unless the winning spree is gone.

Pyrons yggdrasil

Closing thoughts

If you think that the wild symbols, free spins and complicated bonus features are the reasons a slot game is fun, then you must play this game! You will be proved wrong with this fun, entertaining, and yet very simple slot machine. No free spins, yet the multipliers keep you wanting for more. The animation is so appealing that you cannot take your eyes off this beauty!

Now a mobile slot, Pyrons is available to play on all iOS and Android devices. Enjoy it from the comfort of your couch or bed, or when on the move. Low on risk, high on wins and super entertaining, this game is a must play!